Top 5 Important Tips to Protect Your Hair This Summer

Hair Protection in Summer

While our hair goes through quite a bit on a rough ride during winter, summer also brings with it a fair share of challenges for your hair. Summer is the best time to embrace your loose hair with its natural look as well as let go of the sleek and perfect hairdos. To help you […]

What Is The Importance Of Using Night Cream For Your Skin?

Importance Of Night Cream

Since you are here and reading this you might be probably wondering – why one should have separate day and night creams in their skincare regime. With so many new products which are being launched each and every day, it can get really difficult to understand what type of product you would need to keep […]

Pigmentation: Everything You Need To Know


One of the most asked questions everyone has when the summer begins is how do I treat discoloration? From dark spots to blemishes, damage due to the sun, and much more, we’ve seen it all here at ARM Pearl Fairness. That is because Skin pigmentation is one of the most common skin conditions in the […]

Top 5 Skincare Tips For Natural Glowing Skin

Skincare Tips For Natural Glowing Skin

Many companies market products designed for oily or sensitive skin, but how can you tell which products are right for you? Nobody likes to be generalized, and it can be frustrating to hear that there are only three basic types of skin: oily, sensitive, or normal.’ If you don’t fit neatly in one of these […]

Get Skin Care Tips during Pregnancy from Experts

Skin Care Tips during Pregnancy

Which ingredients to avoid, plus pregnancy-safe products for your daily beauty routine? Pregnancy can be one of the most joyous, rewarding, transformative experiences in a woman’s life – it can also be exhausting, stressful, and downright bizarre. The simple tasks we once performed with ease – like giving ourselves a pedicure – become suddenly daunting. […]

3 Skin Care Resolutions To Make in 2022

Skin Care

We’ve all been there. We indulge ourselves during the holidays – eating too many sweets, perhaps drinking more alcoholic beverages than normal, stressing our bodies with too many late nights and not enough rest, and despite our best intentions in the busyness of the season, we often neglect our skincare regimen. Then the New Year […]

An Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Healthy Skin

Maintaining Healthy Skin

What is Healthy Skin? Healthy skin is characterized by smooth and glowing skin. It has one even color, isn’t blotchy, is well hydrated, doesn’t feel flaky or tight, has a smooth texture, and is free of acne.  However, air pollution, UVA radiation, organic pollutants, PAH, smoke, soaps, etc. are constantly damaging your skin. These aggressors […]