Dark Circles & Eye Bags Under Your Eyes: Reasons & Solutions

Dark Circles & Eye Bags

Dark circles are one of the most common issues that we all face at one point of time in our lives. First, let’s see what are the causes of dark circles, and under-eye bags so that we can get rid of them. The skin surrounding the eyes is the thinner and most delicate on your face. It’s easy to see through the thin skin when a person is dehydrated, tired from work, hungover, etc are some of the reasons due to why there is a huge chance of getting Dark circles or Puffed eyes.

Dark Circles

Dark Circles are a group of blood vessels and tissues under the skin. People who suffer from lack of sleep are more prone to dark circles due to the deficiency of iron in their blood. An eye cream or a night cream could help keep this region of the skin nourished and bright.

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As we grow older, a certain amount of fat is stored beneath our eyes due to which the skin and the muscles in the region start to loosen up and wear away. So, especially in the mornings or when you’re exhausted from work, these fat deposits would slip down into the eyelids and form “bags” or “puffiness”. So, you need the most suitable product to keep this part of the skin firm, either to push these deposits back where they belonged or to prevent them from falling.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Since this affected region of the skin is so thin that it’s much more prone to the fine lines that come from the constant movement of your eyes—blinking, wincing, squinting, or even while smiling on a funny joke. When our eyes perform any of the above movements, the skin situated at the corners of the eyes folds repetitively. After a lifetime of these movements, the fat will start showing itself permanently as lines are similar to that on your forehead. The pollution in and harmful UV rays, can “photo age” the skin significantly. Keeping the skin nourished and hydrated—and fueled with antioxidants—could help slow or prevent these signs of aging—, a day cream is just what you need.

How to Get rid of  Dark Circles, Wrinkles, and Puffiness around the Eyes

Here are the ways which would help tighten, lift, and brighten the skin near your eye. It’s never too late to start following all of these habits, and the sooner you practice them, the sooner you’ll see improvement in all three areas (puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles).

Get Proper Sleep

Nothing cures your skin, like a full night of sleep. Sleeping properly helps in proper cellular turnover in the skin, and thus keeps the skin firm and glowing.

Stay Hydrated

This one hack is no surprise, either. Water is the most important essential for sustaining all bodily functions, and for skin, it’s no different. Always ensure you are hydrated, and you’ll, in turn, see the benefits reflected on your skin, in the form of proper nutrient delivery, firmness, youthfulness, and so forth.

Avoid Smoking and Excessive Alcohol

This tip would benefit your overall health, and when it comes to the eye region, it’s just as important. A nutritious diet according to your body type promotes healthy skin, whereas excess sugars and processed foods can hinder collagen production in the skin, and worsen its structure. Smoking does the same and can lead to wrinkles, thinner, more translucent skin under the eyes, and a higher likelihood of puffiness. Excess sodium can promote puffiness and swelling of the eyes. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and decreases nutrient delivery to your body and skin.

Always Wear Sunscreen 

A layer of SPF  can do wonders to prevent the “photoaging” caused by ultraviolet rays and pollution in your region. Wear it daily, and use it every two hours when you’re out in the sun. Use it regularly for some specific period and you will start noticing the changes yourself.


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