Men’s Skin Problems during the Monsoons and How to Treat Them?

Men's Skin Problems in Monsoon

We decided to list a few common skin issues that tend to crop up with the advent of the rain. Taking proper care and treating your skin the right way can alleviate a lot of common skin problems.


In the monsoons, you may suffer from acne and rash frequently; depending on your skin type, the steps you should take to prevent them will vary. For example, when you are returning from outdoor activity in the monsoon, take a hot shower afterward. It is extremely important to make small changes in your skincare regimen depending on your skin type during the monsoon.

Skin Problems during Monsoons


When the monsoon arrives, humidity increases, leading to excessive sweating. People with oily skin should avoid applying excessive lotions and moisturizers. The food you consume also influences your skin and body. Apply a paste of honey and lemon to your face regularly to keep your skin from becoming very oily. 

Skin Problems during Monsoons


A common monsoon skin problem affecting men tends to be caused by constantly keeping your feet dry and enclosed while in contact with water during the monsoon season, or simply not wiping the areas between your toes clean and dry. If you keep your feet damp for a long time, you are prone to fungus infections that can spread to your toenails and to the sides of your feet. Wash and dry your feet when you get home from work or from playing on the field and ensure there is no scaling.


Skin Problems during Monsoons

If you have dry skin you may experience flaking, rashes, and itching. The best way to avoid these problems is to use a good moisturizer and night cream daily. Avoid using astringent lotions that contain chemicals, as these can irritate the skin.

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