Summer Hair Care Tips: How to Protect Your Hair

Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer is upon us and the quenching heat is a sure shot sign of what is yet to come. Prolonged exposure to heat could affect your hair and the only way to make sure that your hair stays healthy and free from oil  is by indulging in a hair care daily routine that would take proper care of your hair. Not only is your hair vulnerable to thinning, it can also get damaged by the excessive heat, if proper care is not taken from the beginning.

We are providing you a couple of summer hair care tips that would go a long way in maintaining your hair health and strength by ensuring it does not get affected due to the change in the climate. 

Stay Protected from Chlorine

Swimming is a physical activity that we often indulge in summer, as the climate gets hotter day by day and even though it is extremely advantageous  to your health, swimming can have a huge impact on your hair. The chlorine which is used in the pools can be extremely damaging for your scalp as it makes your hair dry and brittle and leaves you with a rough hair. The best way to protect your hair from the side effects of chlorine is to wash your hair with clean water and in addition to that condition it before entering into the pool. As an alternative, you can also wear a swimming cap.

Stay Protected from Chlorine

Another hair care tip is to lessen your exposure to heat, not just from the rays of the sun but also from the heating instruments around you. Cut the usage of the hair dryer and let it dry naturally. It may take more time waiting for your hair to dry however it will be proven to be advantageous in the long run and also prevent your hair from becoming rough. If you wish to use a dryer, make sure you use it in a low heat setting. 

Avoid over washing your hair

Washing your hair once or twice in a week with the right shampoo is more than enough. Shampooing the hair twice is not required on a daily basis, unless you hair feels excessively oily. Another common mistake made by most of us is washing our  hair too often, this might lead to draining out the natural essential oil present on the scalp.

Avoid over washing your hair

Go for short hair

Especially, if your hair has a thinning issue, Combing is the last thing you should go for. Get a haircut that goes with the thinning look. Keeping your hair shorter at the sides and longer on top is a pretty good idea too, as it takes the attention away from the thinning areas. Try using a good quality hair pack or hair food for summer is also a great option to promote hair growth and maintain the quality.

Invest in a good Hair Care regime

Another important thing that contributes towards maintaining our hair perfectly is ensuring that we have invested in good quality hair care products. Using a plethora of different products to perfect your hair means the products you use have to be well researched and shouldn’t cause any side effects, good quality products would actually impact your hair in more ways than one. Replacing these with cheaper products should be avoided at all costs. Do the research and consult a doctor to figure out what works for your hair type and take advice on the kind of grooming your face needs before you invest in a bunch of products. Choose wisely and use smartly.

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