Top 5 Important Tips to Protect Your Hair This Summer

Hair Protection in Summer

While our hair goes through quite a bit on a rough ride during winter, summer also brings with it a fair share of challenges for your hair. Summer is the best time to embrace your loose hair with its natural look as well as let go of the sleek and perfect hairdos. To help you keep your hair healthy and shining, we are sharing the top 5 tips for hair care for the summer of 2023!

Don’t Expose Your Hair

Using a hat or a scarf or even a cap to cover up your hair is the best thing to do when you go out in summer. This would help your scalp retain moisture in addition to protecting your hair from harmful UV rays. Moreover, caps are perfect apparel to contain any damage caused to the hair because of the wind. If you are a person who likes to dye your hair, a cap will also protect the color from fading and your hair from tangling and breakage.

Stop Washing Your Hair Frequently

Stop washing your hair frequently. If you wash your hair more often during summer, you would essentially be stripping your scalp and hair of all its natural oils. This in turn leads to even more production of oil.  As an alternative, you can use a cotton ball in hazel and tap it along your scalp in order to absorb the excess oil from your hair.

Tie Up Your Hair!

A messy bun is always the best way to decrease sun exposure to keep your hair under control in summer. Avoid tight hairstyles in the hot summer as that will damage your hair unnecessarily.

Always Use a Conditioner

Using apple cider vinegar as a natural conditioner is a great way to condition, smoothen and moisturize your hair after your shampoo it. We can also use coconut oil or shea butter but use it carefully as it might look and feel heavy. You can also go for a deep conditioning treatment like pearl’s herbs 21 hair oil set every week for added moisture and hydration to the hair.

Don’t Forget To Use A Serum!

Finally, always use hair care products that have SPF (sun protection factor) in them. Avoid traditional shampoos that are full of chemicals. Please remember that just like your skin, your hair also needs UV protection too.


If you follow these simple tips in summer, they will be helping your hair significantly. Having said that, hair issues do not come with any prior notice. If you have been experiencing any other serious hair problem, you might require a new haircare regime to follow. If you have been looking for the best hair care in Hyderabad, you might want to check out Herbs 21 hair oil set. Switch to Pearl today to regain your natural-looking hair and skin in no time at all!

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