What Is The Importance Of Using Night Cream For Your Skin?

Importance Of Night Cream

Since you are here and reading this you might be probably wondering – why one should have separate day and night creams in their skincare regime. With so many new products which are being launched each and every day, it can get really difficult to understand what type of product you would need to keep your skin in check.

If you are the kind of person who generally goes to bed without applying any cream on your skin, you are probably not taking enough care of the skin. Using a night cream has some interesting benefits you couldn’t have ever imagined.

After office hours just when you reach your place and relax and before taking an evening walk, you should use a finer cream that is not too oily because anything too rich is more likely to affect your skin while you are sleeping, which leads to puffiness, blocked pores, and acne.

During the day especially during summer, your skin needs a product with an amazing Sun-protection- Factor (SPF)  in order to protect it from the harm caused by the sun, but night creams don’t need that kind of protection factor attributes. The most favorable ingredients in a night cream one should look for are retinol and glycolic acid, which can actually heal your skin from the damage caused by the Skin while you are asleep.

Most of the night creams are richer and smoother in texture, but if your skin is not oily you can use oil as a before-bed skincare regime.

Top Reasons to Use Pearl Night Cream

It keeps your skin hydrated

It soothes your skin

It ensures an even tone

It also ensures to boost of collagen

It helps in better blood circulation

Helps to prevent your skin from sagging

Helps in the renewal of the cells and nourishes your skin

It is also a fact that our skin absorbs active ingredients better at night time than it does in the day, so applying the above ingredients-rich creams may be more beneficial at night before going to bed.

How Should I Use a Night Cream?

Before going to bed, apply your night cream after you’ve removed all your makeup if you are wearing one. Please make sure that your face is completely cleansed and scrubbed. Apply the cream on your entire face, please avoid your eyelids and eye contour area, which demand a specialized product to beat swelling.

Want a little extra help? Once or twice a week, wash your face with Pearl’s face wash with Aloe Vera Extracts. Apply the night cream as a slightly thicker layer than you would with other creams and leave it on until morning. Your skin would absorb the active ingredients to get the desired glow it deserves. It’s perfect for new skin generation and deep hydration!

As the leading Dermatologists say, Don’t expect your night cream to perform miracles from the first use! It takes at least a month for the skin to renew itself. So, be patient and consistent and you will definitely see results!

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